"Bora Zeman knows many secrets"/ Semi Jaupaj "opens the bag"?

2022-12-05 11:14:00, Lifestyle CNA

"Bora Zeman knows many secrets"/ Semi Jaupaj "opens the

Semi Jaupaj, one of the most beloved singers for the public, who gained a lot of popularity after entering "Big Brother VIP".

Recently, she was invited to "Zemër Luana", where she definitely could not escape the questions about Bora Zeman.

During a game developed in the program, she had to discover the secret of a VIP.

Sam expressed that he knows many secrets of Snow, but did not reveal any, deciding to drink shots.

Even when asked about Donald she did not speak again.

We remember that earlier she was invited to "Goca and Women" and was asked about the return of Snow and Donald, at a time when the network was buzzing with the duo's reunion.

 "I don't want to talk about this anymore. I said that it is a very personal thing and what belongs to them, belongs to them to speak and not to me."

The girls have shown that at every moment they have stood by each other, relying on their friendship for everything, and it was never expected that even in this interview, Semi would "sell" Borë./ CNA.al


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