"Amazon's kiss"/ Writer Mira Meksi launches her newest novel

2022-07-11 19:53:00, Kulturë CNA

The well-known book "Onufri" has just released the newest novel by Mira Meks "Kiss of the Amazon".

The back cover of the novel reads: A young woman defies death in the face of a severe crippling disease for her femininity.

It also challenges the love in which you had tied your hope for life, which you abandon in the most difficult moments. In the fight for survival, he manages to hold fast to the thread of the matriarchs of the blood, the thread of the mother's blood that goes to the end of time...

An amazon warrior faces the mutilation of her femininity to wield the bow of the leader's invincibility. She fights body to body with the love that she does not accept, but that the Gods impose on her.

"Amazon's kiss"/ Writer Mira Meksi launches her newest novel
The cover of Mira Meksi's book

Within a mythic time, thousands of years past and present boil into one point. The two young women, mirror images of each other in the unstoppable river of time, meet in a flash to exchange the magical power of survival.

A fantastical thriller that brings together the sacredness of the Aleph tattoo and the horns of the Cretan bull, the magic of an ancient Pelasgian dagger pendant, the ghosts of Greek mythology and the horror of the covid 19 pandemic – all to discover the eternity of the essence of existence. human, from the masterful pen of the author of the successful novel "Agatha Christie's Box"./ CNA.al

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