They caused 1 million euros of damage to the state, the Prosecution requests 'prison arrest' for 2 people

2024-04-25 12:38:00, Kronika CNA

They caused 1 million euros of damage to the state, the Prosecution requests

The Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance in Tirana, in close cooperation with the Directorate of Tax Investigation at the General Directorate of Taxes and with the Local Police Directorate of Tirana, in the framework of Criminal Procedure no. 1694 of 2024, after several months of work with methods special investigation, has made it possible to prevent a fraud scheme in real time.

On 21.04.2024, the prosecution requested the security measure "arrest in prison" against 2 citizens LD (administrator) and the organizer citizen SK (Tax Specialist in the Debt Directorate, in the Tax Administration) closely related to the fictitious entity "AL-Dor" .

After the decision of the Tirana Judicial District Court, criminal chamber, both persons were declared wanted.

From the analysis and study of the data of the companies subject to investigation, it results that they functioned as suppliers, who issued fictitious invoices without making any purchases and without exercising any legal activity at any time. Fictitious invoices were injected directly into commercial companies operating in various fields, in the total value of 320,608,000 ALL, causing a financial loss to the state in VAT and TF (Profit Tax), approximately 1 million euros.

These citizens in cooperation with each other, closely related to the Al-Dor subject, have consumed elements of the criminal offense "Fraud Scheme in relation to Value Added Tax and "Cooperation", provided by articles 144/a and 25 of the Code Criminal.

It is also suspected that other persons and entities, as well as officials of the state administration, are involved in this criminal fraud scheme, for which investigations and procedural actions continue to document all criminal activity./ CNA

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