Fierakia cooperates with the police/ "Funds" the husband: He packed drugs with the neighbor

2023-09-18 18:04:00, Kronika CNA
Fierakia cooperates with the police/ "Funds" the husband: He packed
Photos from the operation and the seized drugs

An operation by the police of Fier on September 9 of this year, i.e. 10 days ago, sent 2 people in handcuffs, Osmë Mehmetaj and Asqeri alias Panajot Shanaj, while Eduard Mehmetaj was declared wanted.

The Blues seized about 30 kilograms of cannabis and 500 grams of cocaine, divided into packages that would be trafficked to Greece.

It turns out that the police for the "Vacuum" operation cooperated with the wife of Eduard Mehmetaj, the wanted person.

In the investigative file it is shown that the EM citizen provided the police with information about her husband's criminal activity.

She has shown that the "Volvo" type vehicle, in which the drugs were found, is registered in the name of Eduart Mehmetaj, although the latter's friends bought the vehicle.

The EM citizen has stated that she does not know the names of her husband's friends or where they are from.

" ... the vehicle has been parked for about two months and has not moved since the day it was parked. Regarding the pressing machine, I don't know whose it is, but Eduardi brought it home with his "Audi" type vehicle, about two months ago...

With the machine for pressing packages with narcotics, Eduarti packed them on September 7, 2023 together with Asqeri Shahaj, who is a resident of our neighborhood... ", she said.

Mehmetaj's wife confessed that Eduarti brought the narcotics the day before the police came and packed it the same night with his neighbor, then the car was taken by some other people and sent to the service center in order to modify it for hiding drugs./ CNA

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