Action in Shkodër/ Dozens of tritol molds, firearms and grenades are seized

2023-09-18 10:02:00, Kronika CNA

Action in Shkodër/ Dozens of tritol molds, firearms and grenades are seized

Intensive controls throughout the territory, based on police intelligence, to crack down on criminal activities.

The coded police operation "Conglomerate" is finalized. Dozens of tins of tritol explosives, firearms, grenades, grenade starters and incendiary fuses were seized. 


Their owner was arrested, who at the time of the intervention by the Police was caught in the act taking care of 120 narcotic plants that he had grown near his apartment.    


The services of the Shkodër Police Station, based on the information provided by the police intelligence, that a citizen possessed a significant amount of explosive tritol, grenades, fuses and firearms, with the intention of selling them to persons with a criminal record who are active in in the field of crimes against the person and property, have organized and finalized the coded police operation "Conglomerat". 


During the operation, in the village of Gimaj, Shalë administrative unit, the Police services handcuffed the citizen Gj. M., 68 years old, resident of the village of Gimaj, Shkodër, after the moment of the intervention by the Police, this citizen was caught red-handed taking care of 120 cannabis plants that he had cultivated on a piece of land near his apartment.  


During the inspection of this citizen's apartment, the Police services found and seized as material evidence 1 automatic firearm, combat ammunition, 31 tritol molds, 110 meters of fire-conducting fuse, 18 hand grenades and 13 unified lighters.  


Following the procedural actions, the Police services destroyed by burning, the 120 narcotic plants cultivated near the 68-year-old's apartment, in addition to a part that was seized as material evidence.


Investigations continue for the identification and capture of other citizens involved in this criminal activity.


The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the Shkodra General Jurisdiction, for further investigative actions.

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