"Tempulli" mega-operation/ The 19-year-old wanted man is captured

2023-09-18 09:25:00, Kronika CNA

"Tempulli" mega-operation/ The 19-year-old wanted man is captured

A 19-year-old wanted as part of this mega-operation was arrested, bringing the number of detained citizens to 91.

Previously, during the development of this operation, 10 kg of suspected narcotic substance cannabis sativa, 3.7 kg of cocaine, 150 doses of heroin, 1 firearm, pistol, 12 vehicles, 78 mobile phones, 12 electronic scales, 3 motorcycles, 30,000 euros, were seized. 6,000 pounds, 4,500,000 lek and 12 license plates.

The services of the Section for the Investigation of Narcotics, after the information provided on the operational route that a citizen wanted as part of the police mega-operation coded "Tempulli" would travel to Albania, have coordinated the actions with the services of the Rinas Police Station, who have intensified the controls to catch him and bring him to legal responsibility.

As a result, the citizen LN, 19 years old, was arrested and detained, who was declared wanted after the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction of Tirana ordered the security measure "Arrest in prison" for the criminal offense "Production and sale" of narcotics".    

The work continues for the localization and capture of other citizens declared wanted within this mega-operation.    

The materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of Tirana General Jurisdiction, for further actions.

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