White House: An attack from Iran is a real threat

2024-04-12 22:49:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

White House: An attack from Iran is a real threat

"A strike by Iran against Israel is a real and credible threat," the White House said in a statement, as fears of an imminent strike from Tehran grow.

Tensions are high over the possibility of Iran retaliating for an airstrike that killed senior Iranian commanders nearly two weeks ago.

US officials told CBS News, the BBC's American partner, that a major attack on Israel could happen soon.

Israel has said it is ready "on defense and offensive".

"I can't speak to the size, the scale, the scope of what that attack might look like," US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on Friday.

But he added that the Iranian threat was "viable", saying Washington was "watching this very, very closely".

He said: "We are in constant communication with our Israeli counterparts to make sure they can defend themselves against those types of attacks."

Iran supports Hamas, the Palestinian armed group fighting Israel in Gaza, as well as various proxy groups across the region, including some - such as Hezbollah in Lebanon - that often carry out attacks against Israelis./ CNA

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