Macron sounds the alarm: Europe is dying, it needs stronger protection

2024-04-25 16:49:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Macron sounds the alarm: Europe is dying, it needs stronger protection
The President of France, Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that Europe is facing an existential threat from Russian aggression, calling for the continent to adopt a "credible" defense strategy and become less dependent on the United States.

He described Russia's behavior, after launching the invasion of Ukraine, as "irresistible" and said that it is no longer clear where Moscow's "borders" are.

Macron also raised the alarm over what he described as the US and China's disregard for international trade rules, calling on the European Union to review its trade policy.

"Our Europe today is mortal and may die," he said.

"It could die and it depends on our choices," Macron said, warning that Europe is not "armed against the dangers we face" in a world where "the rules of the game have changed."

"During the next decade... there will be a great danger that Europe will weaken", he added, also emphasizing the danger from Iran, if the country provides nuclear weapons.

Macron champions the concept of European strategic autonomy in the economic and defense fields, arguing that Europe should face crises like Russia's war against Ukraine without depending on the US.

He called for Europe to take its own destiny, saying that in the past the continent depended on Moscow for energy and Washington for security.

Macron said that it is necessary for Europe to strengthen security, so that Russia does not win the war against Ukraine.

"We must build this strategic concept of credible European defense for ourselves," said the French president.

He said that in the coming months he will ask European partners to make proposals on this matter, adding that Europe must build its own defense capacities in the cyber field./ CNA

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