PHOTOS- Masked and with armored vehicles/ 30 people break the door of the Monastery, how the armed group took refuge

2023-09-24 13:25:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
PHOTOS- Masked and with armored vehicles/ 30 people break the door of the
The armed group in front of the Banjska Monastery

A criminal group of 30 people carried out attacks in Leposaviq and killed police officer Afrim Bunjaku and injured two other police officers.

Recently, footage has been published of how after the criminal act, the group of 30 people, armed to the teeth, headed towards the Banjska Monastery in the municipality of Zveçan.

The armed group broke the door of the Monastery and took shelter inside.

The vehicles with which they entered the territory of Kosovo are without license plates.

According to the footage, they are running armed towards the Banjska Monastery.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti, in a press conference, emphasized that the group of 30 people are professionals, military and police.

They are continuing to attack the Kosovo Police, while Prime Minister Kurti announced that he will not withdraw until those responsible for this criminal act are brought to justice.

Among other things, the Prime Minister underlined that it is very clear that we are not dealing with groups of smugglers but with formations of professionals, heavily armed.

On the other hand, he called on the criminal group to surrender to the authorities./ CNA


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