Inside Putin's Strange Routine

2023-09-24 11:10:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Inside Putin's Strange Routine

The strange "morning" routine of the Russian president has been revealed.

According to an author, Vladimir Putin is said to require an unusual breakfast and refuses to deal with business before a daily swim, writes The Mirror.

While many world leaders are known to be early risers, the same cannot be said for Putin, who Judah writes doesn't wake up until noon. The reclusive president, who last year ordered the invasion of Ukraine, also starts the day with cottage cheese or an omelette.

The leader's political aides have claimed that he does up to two hours of swimming training to mentally prepare for the day.

Inside Putin's Strange Routine

Putin is said to conduct his business on paper arranged in red folders for fear of cyberattacks, and to make his calls on Soviet wartime telephones.

The gentleman then turns his attention to the news of the day and is said to enjoy reading a column specifically about himself written by Andrey Kolesnikov in the Russian daily, Kommersant./ CNA

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