Violence and murder of women in Kosovo/ Albin Kurti blames the prosecution and the courts

2022-12-04 14:35:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Violence and murder of women in Kosovo/ Albin Kurti blames the prosecution and

The Prime Minister of Albin Kurti has accused the Prosecutor's Office and the Courts regarding the cases of violence and murder that have occurred against women.

He stated that the fight against cruel crimes and inhumane treatment of women is a battle that should not be stopped.

During his speech at the Council for Democracy and Human Rights, he said that this woman's struggle for survival within the walls of the house is a society's struggle, a state's struggle in support of women and girls.

"The passive prosecution and inefficient judiciary are among the main causes of this reality, where the killing of women is nothing more than news that is repeated and does not remain current for more than two days. The system of injustice that reacts quickly and efficiently when it comes to their individual benefit, does not serve this country and this society. The lack of professionalism that manifests in biased and motivated decisions, unjustified delays due to the lack of accountability mechanisms, politicization of the judicial system that was done openly by previous governments, produce victims; produce violent; produce abusers; and convey the message that everything else, including the administration of justice, comes in treatment after the satisfaction and fulfillment of personal interests", said Kurti. /CNA.al

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