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Import bills 'jump', Albania buys 18 million euros of energy for a week

2022-08-04 16:03:00, Ekonomi CNA
Import bills 'jump', Albania buys 18 million euros of energy for a
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For the first 7 days of August, the purchase of energy cost the country 18 million euros. This is the highest bill Albania has ever paid for energy imports.

The electric power corporation has purchased 35 thousand megawatt hours of energy, for the dates 1 to 7 August at a price of 520 euros per megawatt.

This is the highest price ever paid for electricity.

KESH has increased daily energy production to 12,000 megawatt hours, to reduce the need for imports, but again this amount is insufficient to meet the demand for consumption.

The level of the lake of Fierza has decreased by 10 meters since the start of the summer season, while the flows in the basins of the hydropower plants have reached historical minimums.

In Fierza the daily flows are 40 m3/s, 20 m3/s in Koman and 5m3/s in Vaun e Dejas.

Currently, the hydro reserve has reached 806 gigawatt hours. With this amount, the country can be supplied with energy for only 43 days.

In the middle of July, the government transferred to KESH a fund worth 160 million euros to carry out the energy imports in this period and to settle the June invoices.

Money that is enough until the beginning of autumn, when the corporation waits for the beginning of the rains and the filling of the hydropower plants./euronews

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