The earthquake destroyed the school, the children of Funar village are still learning billiards

2023-10-03 21:10:47, Denoncim CNA

The earthquake destroyed the school, the children of Funar village are still

The Fiks Fare show brings back the problem of the children of Funarë village.

Two years ago, the show Fiks Fare showed that the children of this village were learning in local premises and in abandoned houses, this after the 9-year-old school of this village was damaged by the tremors of the 2019 earthquake.

About 100 children develop the learning process in 5 different facilities in the village. Children range in age from Kindergarten through 9th grade. They find two classrooms in an abandoned house, one classroom is built in a former bar, while two other classrooms are on the first floor of a house.

Meanwhile, the garden is also built in a local environment. To go to the toilet, the children had to go to another room, where billiards was played, and then perform their personal needs.

The journalists of Fiksi were again interested in the problem of these children and discovered that the school of this village has not been reconstructed and that for 4 years these children continue their education in abandoned premises and houses.

The eighth and ninth classes are located in an abandoned house, where its walls are damaged and the ceiling has fallen, which endangers the lives of these students.

A parent claims for Fiksi that his child has stopped learning, as the conditions in which he develops are not suitable at all. After four years, he is looking for a school like all other parents. Although in fact these parents were promised by the local government that a school would be built for them, but even though 4 years have passed in the existing building, no work has yet started.

Even the students themselves complained about the conditions in which they were studying, but what they highlighted is the difficulties they will have with the arrival of the winter season when the temperatures will drop. " We will be cold in the winter because as you can see, look at how it is here ", says one of the students who conducts the lesson in an abandoned apartment.

So for Fiks journalists, the situation was the same as they had left it two years ago.

Fiksi called the Mayor of Librazhd, Mariglen Disha, who said that on his part, all measures were being taken for the reconstruction of the old school and that the works will soon begin. The works will last about two months, says the mayor, hoping that next year he will find these students with the reconstructed school./ tch

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