Albanian wonders! His sight has "gone", but he works diligently/ "Stop" brings cases of extortion of Kemp's funds

2023-10-02 21:30:48, Denoncim CNA

Albanian wonders! His sight has "gone", but he works diligently/

On September 22, the investigative show "Stop" on Tv Klan broadcasted a case in the village of Shirgjan in Elbasan for a denunciation related to the citizen Jorgo (Zani) Shehu (Çehu). He has been receiving a camp for blindness for years, and his wife also takes care of him. The photos and videos that the show "Stop" broadcast show that Jorgo, or Zani, performs the movements and tasks without any difficulty.

"Stop" met with Jorgo's family doctor. The latter said that the patient in question is completely blind and if his wife does not hold him, he may fall into the canal.

Reporter:  Is he blind?

Doctor:  He's blind honey! They are genetic.

Journalist:  They don't see doctors at all?

Doctor:  They don't see, my wife takes it and uses it.

Journalist:  Are you telling me that he has no opportunity to do any work?

Doctor:  Whoa…he can't see at all, honey. He crashed into the bars, if his wife hadn't held him. He has been blind for years.

"Stop" went to the patient's house and found him washing  the yard.

Journalist:  Together with your wife, your wife takes care of you, you are completely blind and do all the work yourself.

Jorgo Çehu:  What jobs have I done, my sister? Where did I work? I haven't done any kind of work myself. Neither work. I don't go out there with a companion.

Reporter:  Were you washing the yard?

Jorgo Çehu:  What yard? The courtyard is here… I am the one who stays here.

Journalist:  How do you explain that you only come from Greece to renovate Kemp?

Jorgo Çehu:  No, my sister, what...

Journalist:  Can't you see at all?

Jorgo Çehu:  What do I see? Not even 1%, what will I see? I go out with a companion wherever I go.

Journalist:  When we saw you in the videos, in the photos that came to us. We received photos and videos of grape picking in Greece?

Jorgo ?ehu:  Grape me? What do you say my sister?

Journalist:  Shopping alone in the streets of Greece.

Jorgo Çehu:  What do you say, my sister, what do you say?

Journalist:  Here too, I believe the woman was telling you where to wash the yard?

Jorgo Çehu:  No, my sister, this is Markushi.

Going deeper into this issue, the State Social Service has a fund of 18 billion Lek for 17,537 people with disabilities, including those with mental and physical disabilities. While working invalids, whose payment is covered by the Social Insurance Institute, there are 66,920 people and the allocated fund is 6.3 billion Lek for 2023. There are almost 100,000 people who benefit from disability payments.

In this material, "Stop" brings people in need who do not benefit from anything and others who receive disability benefits and work as bricklayers, or at the top of October.

Citizen: I was told that he is a good usta. Now…

Refik Rondo: If I show you jobs, I'll also take you through the jobs.

Citizen: Do you only plaster, or do you...? What else do you do?

Refik Rondo: No, I do walls and plastering.

"Stop" traveled to the village of Gurishte in the city of Elbasan for the Coha couple. They are treated with economic assistance and Mrs. Coha takes Kemp from the Social Service for 3 diagnoses, but on the other hand their family activity is tobacco cultivation.

Resident:  This is the Jewel!

Citizen: How are you, sir? How was your day?

Xevahir Coha:  How are you?

Citizen: How are you? With this Zetorin you work, o?

Resident: This one, this one has a harvester, he has a plow, he has a car, he has a trailer, a plow.

Xhevahir Coha: Next year, I hope and think, to go down to the field. I have found the lands and I will not put 10-15, I will put 20, 30, 40, that is, under water.

Citizen:  Do you work with the church?

Xveahir Coha: Familiar, familiar!

Citizen:  How many of you are there?

Xevahir Coha:  The third self.

Citizen: Yes, good! You don't get any help from the state, why am I surprised?

The next denunciation took "Stop" to the village of Zeshtike in Kryevidhi, in the city of Rrogozhina.

Citizen: Does Idrizi have a house here?

Wife:  Yes!

Citizen:  Is it there?

Wife:  No!

Wife: He does this himself. She is working on it herself, but she is missing a tool.

Citizen: How do you push it here in the village, right?

Spouse: Shpi, with lands and cattle. What should we do?! We planted alfalfa and wheat alternately.

Citizen: Does the state help you in any way?

Wife:  Who?

Citizen:  State!

Wife: How can the state help us with a pension of 140,000?

Citizen:  Nothing, huh?

Wife: No! No help, nothing.

In Lalar of Fier, "Stop" traveled to the case of Arben Fejzo, who has been declared blind for more than 20 years.  

Citizen: Yes, I wanted it for the land, to plow.

Arben Fejzo:  Hello!

Citizen:  How was your day?

Arben Fejzo:  Good! How are you?

Citizen:  Am I talking to Arbeni?

Arben Fejzo:  Yes! I'm Arbeni!

Citizen:  Fejzo?

Wife:  Fejzo!

Citizen: I want to plow for wheat, carpets at the end of October!

Wife: They both hang out like bosses, they work and hang out with me in October. Well, don't worry at all!

Citizen: What's wrong with his eye?

Wife: Yes, his vision has gone a little and he can see very little.

Citizen: Is he driving that car?

Wife: That's how he drives around here, yes...

Citizen: Hey, come on, you took me there, you're going to work!

Arben Fejzo: Hey, I'll work on it, don't worry!

Refik Rondo in Gjirokastër, due to a "blood disease" diagnosis, is treated with Kemp until 2026 and works as a mason in black.

Citizen: I was told that he is a good usta. Now…

Refik Rondo: If I show you jobs, I will also guide you through the jobs.

Citizen: Do you only plaster, or do... What else do you do?

Refik Rondo: No, I plaster walls.

The information received by the newsroom of the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan, has caused the staff to go to the village of Bathës in Elbasan. It was found there that 2 families benefit from assistance unfairly.

Citizen:  Is there Muca here?

Resident : Yes, but they are not here.

Citizen: I have one Ilir Muça, how did he have it...

Resident: Ah, they're from the neighborhood across the street.

Citizen: They told me that you can't find it here, that, where is it...

Resident: Yes, in Greece, stay in Greece.

Citizen: Well, he lives in Greece.

Citizen: What about this Fred Yzeiri? Fred Yzeiri has?

Resident: I say, what is there.

Citizen: What does he do? Does he serve the lands themselves?

Resident: He is a skilled worker, because he is young. He is a great worker. It is powerful for work.

Citizen: He doesn't give them meaning.

Resident: There is also the powerful woman. They both work.

Resident 1:  There are grapes.

Resident: There are grapes, cherries. He comes out first with products.

"Stop" was stopped at the Administrative Unit of Shirgjan, where it was confirmed by this unit that Ilir Muça and Fred Yzeiri are treated with economic assistance. Ilir Muça comes every 3 months to answer the obligation to appear at the economic aid office and make declarations, although most of the time he is outside the borders of our country. Also, Fred Yzeiri has declared that he has agricultural land, but on the other hand he has not declared that he has income from this agricultural land and was automatically a beneficiary of economic assistance.

Businessman Gjergj Luca expresses his outrage with the way social assistance is distributed by the municipalities.

Gjergj Luca: The social assistance scheme is criminal for municipalities. 120 thousand families with social assistance when all businesses are not looking for workers. Yes, this is scandalous and for me, the mayors who have displayed in their offices the letters that the business is looking for people, should be investigated for crime and abuse of power. This is my attitude. I went to a poor and ruined district. I invested 3.2 million Euros to open a factory because they told me that "you have 1 thousand yourself". I laughed and said "bring me 300 people" and he said "no problem, I have 3 thousand people with social assistance" and I closed my investment after 3-5 months after 55 people came to work for me and he has about 3 thousand people with social assistance which is a village, it is not approx. / tvclan

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