"It depends, he took Lekte"/ The former director is awarded 12 salaries according to the court

2023-10-02 21:47:39, Denoncim CNA

"It depends, he took Lekte"/ The former director is awarded 12

On September 21, the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan broadcasted a problem from the city of Lezha. Dritan Gega, former director of the 9-year-old school "Pashko Vasa" in Shkodër, was relieved of his duties in 2020. He had worked in education for 22 years.

After being released from office, Dritan went to court and the Administrative Court of First Instance Shkodër decided that Dritan Gega should be compensated with 12 salaries and this decision constituted an executive title. Gega said that the director of DRAP Lezhë does not execute the decision because the case has been appealed.

Dritan Gega:  I worked in Albanian education for 22 years. In 2014-2020, I worked as a director at the school "Pashko Vasa", in the city of Shkodra. In 2020, I left in flagrant violation of the Labor Code of the Republic of Albania, from former director Bardhok Pulaj. The Shkodër Civil Court has received the case. An ordeal of hearings, he went to the Administrative Court. The Administrative Court, on 15.03.2023, stated: The order to release Dritan Gega is illegal and I have compensation. The compensation went to the director of DRAP, the new director, Hasan Muça, who, with his arrogance, neither responds to the court's decision, nor to the judicial enforcement, nor to me as a person and has caused me great harm. I have three minor children.From the show Stop, I ask to be given a right, that is, it is a constitutional obligation, the food of the children.

On March 15, 2023, the Administrative Court in Shkodër decided that DRAP Lezhë should reward the plaintiff with 12 salaries for the termination of the employment contract as a school director. In this decision, it is cited that it constitutes an executive title and must be executed by judicial enforcement within 6 months after the decision becomes final. In the decision, it is stated that an appeal can be made, but that the court will decide that the decision will be given with temporary execution. This means that the decision must be executed immediately by enforcement regardless of the exercise of appeal by the plaintiff.

"Stop" spoke with the Director of DRAP Lezhë, Hasan Muça, and the human resources employee, Pashk Alia, who interpreted the court's decision according to their appetite. Majde Alia said she agrees to depend on whether this execution is legal. 

Head of human resources: DRAP Lezhë submitted the appeal to the Administrative Court of Appeal in Tirana within 5 days, and until now we have not had a review by the court. This means that if he had not given me the right to appeal.

Journalist:  It gives him the right to complain.

Head of human resources:  I agree to hang today if the execution of the decision under these conditions is legal.  

After the broadcast on the show "Stop", the decision of the Administrative Court of First Instance Shkodër was executed and the salaries were transferred in the name of the citizen Dritan Gega.

Reporter: Hello! After I addressed your editorial office, you appeared at DRAP Lezhë. Your presence made DRAP Lezhë implement the court's decision. I missed my wages. I am confused, this decision was illegal for 10 months for DRAP Lezhë. For two days, after you appeared at DRAP Lezhë, this decision became legal. Thank you so much for solving my problem./ tvklan

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