Stays in the air for months / Solar powered aircraft

2022-06-16 13:08:00, Tech CNA
Stays in the air for months / Solar powered aircraft
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In 2016, an airplane with more than 17,000 solar panels, showed the world an overcoming opportunity for the future of flight.

The plane, called the Solar Impulse 2, was the brainchild of explorer Bertrand Piccard and engineer Bertrand Borschberg, who aimed to use renewable energy. Three years later it was thought by Skydweller Aero to make a change to this aircraft, turning it into a satellite to protect the environment.

Skydweller CEO Robert Miller said: “A pseudo-satellite is an aircraft that stays afloat for months. "As such, it can do everything you could imagine a satellite could do."

Using an aircraft for such applications is more flexible and cheaper as satellites are expensive to build. The aircraft is expected to hit the market in 2023./ CNA.al

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