Temperatures rise / Weather for today

2023-06-09 07:24:00, Sociale CNA

Temperatures rise / Weather for today

The presence of air masses of Oceanic origin for several days follows the impact of unstable weather in the Albanian territory, where the morning hours are dominated by clear skies and frequent clouds, while the afternoon and afternoon are dominated by clouds which occasionally develop, generating rain showers where more focused will be in the northern and central areas.

The possibility of hail in the southeast of the territory is also not excluded. This unstable meteorological situation will accompany us until late in the evening when the weather conditions are expected to improve. Air temperatures will increase in both extreme daily values, fluctuating from 10°C to 31°C.

The wind will blow at an average speed of 30 km/h both on land and at sea from the northwest direction, creating a 2-front wave on the Adriatic and Ionian coasts.

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