Religious communities appeal for cooperation and tolerance

2023-06-08 20:49:51, Sociale CNA

Religious communities appeal for cooperation and tolerance

During the visit they made today to the cathedral of Saint Stephen in the city of Shkodra, the leaders of the religious communities of Albania emphasized the importance of tolerance and cooperation not only between believers, but also politics, both in Albania and in Kosovo.

The strong political tensions, the social and economic difficulties that Albanians are facing, but also the emigration of young people, are a signal for reflection by everyone, said Monsignor Arjan Dodaj, Archbishop of Tirana-Durres.

"It's a message for everyone. Religious leaders have a moral responsibility and conscience belongs to every human being. With religion, without religion, everyone has a moral conscience. And this is the first judge that we will face every day when we go to breakfast, when we go to dinner. So, let's not talk about Albania, but let's build Albania together. And together we cultivate the dreams and hopes of new generations. There is also a place for them in Albania. So that, together, we will rebuild Albania", he said.

It is important, said the President of the Interreligious Council of Albania, Bujar Spahiu, that both politics and citizens understand that it is possible to live in harmony and in common values.

"And today, that we are together as the Interreligious Council of the Republic of Albania and that is not found in any country in the world, a council built with the religious leaders of this country, shows once again the beautiful panorama that they must look at the new generations. Regardless of the opinions or religion we belong to, the faith we have, we live in harmony and in our common values", he said.

Interfaith harmony, Mr. Spahiu said, is the greatest asset that Albanians have and everyone is proud of it. But, he added that in the face of the challenges of the time, everyone must work to maintain this interreligious harmony.

"We are not immune to global challenges, as everything that happens in the world is heard and appreciated everywhere. And this panorama gives us one more impetus to follow this harmony, to preserve it as much as possible", emphasized Mr. Spahiu.

Messages of unity and cooperation were conveyed today by other representatives of the religious communities of Albania; The World Grandfather of the Bektashians, Haxhi Dede Edmond Brahimaj, the assistant of Archbishop Anastas, Hirësi Asti, as well as the Archbishop of Shkodër-Pult, Monsignor Angelo Massafra.

In important moments of the nation, but also of its existence, the heads of religious communities of Albanians have always conveyed important messages of unity and tolerance, reflecting on the daily life of Albanians, but also on politics/ VOA

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