"To be afraid"/ Sociology: Children start sexual relations at the age of 12-13

2023-12-06 18:24:00, Sociale CNA
"To be afraid"/ Sociology: Children start sexual relations at the age
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Hypersexualization in children has been the topic of the show "Taste of Home" on TV Klan, a very important issue.

Sociology, Marsi Simo, invited to speak about this topic, explained the definition of hypersexualization. According to her, this is the (wrong) trend where children are encouraged to behave, speak, act, and dress like adults.

This can also be seen in the sexual relations they create at an early age. Marsi Simo says that children have started experimenting since the age of 12-13 and this is really scary for him.

"Sexual relations at an early age have already started to be over a very early age. Not because, even the idea of ??an intimate kiss at a very young age leads us to them. And the number of children, who are children up to the age of 18, who are experimenting in such physical proximity, has decreased in age. If they were once 15-16 years old, now we have a gap of 12-13 years. And of course, this is to be feared because these are relationships that are not talked about and not educated, but are self-explored. Of course, it is to be feared, but it should be discussed at such an age, when the first steps begin, at the age of 6-7 years. Of course reinforcing at the age of 8-9 years. I see that girls, especially little girls, at the age of 5-6-7 start growing faster. They start asking for things, they start asking more difficult probing questions than boys. Boys also reach sexual maturity a little later, but I remain a little more childish until the age of 8-9. But girls should, I say, be more careful", said the sociologist. /tvklan.al

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