Take your umbrellas/ Today's weather

2023-05-28 08:10:00, Sociale CNA

Take your umbrellas/ Today's weather

The Military Meteorological Service announces that today the country will be affected by relatively unstable weather conditions.

The weather is expected to be clear and medium to dense clouds. In the afternoon and afternoon, local rainfall with low intensity in the center, in the hilly-mountainous reliefs in the south and in the east, rainfall is expected with moderate to moderate intensity in short-term periods, with torrential downpours, thunderstorms with electrical discharges and hail in areas. isolated. Fog and reduced visibility due to rain.

The wind will blow in the northwest-northeast direction with an average speed of up to 8 m/sec, on the coast of the northwest coast it will reach up to 12 m/sec. The waves in the seas will be of force 1-2.

Temperatures are forecast:

Take your umbrellas/ Today's weather

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