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Ksamili, "Maldives of Europe" / The British are "fascinated" by the beauties of Albania

2023-05-23 17:05:00, Sociale CNA

Ksamili, "Maldives of Europe" / The British are "fascinated"

Another international media has echoed the wonderful nature of Albania and this time ">"The Sun" has not spared the positive evaluations for the coastal city of Albania.

In the article of the prestigious British media, Ksamil is described by the visitors of this country as the "Maldives of Europe".

What has attracted the attention of British tourists are the crystal waters and colorful sunsets of the pearl of Albania.

Prime Minister Edi Rama himself distributed this article, saying that Slovenia has received another star from foreign tourists.

Among other things, Rama writes that British visitors have appreciated the high standards of services in Albania.

" Another star is added to Albania by the international media that call it the "Maldives of Europe" - and it is the well-known "The Sun" which describes the turquoise waters and orange tones of the west in Ksamil, but also the comfort and high standards of services that British visitors value in Albania ", he writes./ CNA.al


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