Applications for subsidies and free oil in agriculture are closed/ AZHBR: 68,500 farmers applied

2023-04-13 21:27:00, Sociale CNA

Applications for subsidies and free oil in agriculture are closed/ AZHBR: 68,500

Applications for the national agricultural support scheme are closed.

In total, according to the updated data of the AZHBR, 68,500 applications have arrived through the e-Albania portal, for direct measures in agriculture, such as support in livestock, beekeeping, organic farms, Global GAP certification, oil for mechanized agricultural works, such as also seeds and seedlings and other inputs.

The district with the highest number of applications is that of Fier, followed by the district of Korça. Within 15 days, qualified applications will be published on the official website of AZHBR, www.azhbr.gov.al.

Applications for the benefit of direct subsidies for agriculture and free oil started on March 20. The joint directive of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Finance and Economy determined that support for farmers will be implemented through 9 measures, out of 5 support measures that were implemented in 2022, including free oil that entered the third year of implementation.

For the first time this year, a subsidy scheme was applied to support farms with no less than 10 cows in the value of 10,000 lek per head, and beekeeping in the value of up to 1,000 lek per hive, for farms with no more less than 50 awake. Also, organic farms will continue to be supported in the first year, in the amount of 100,000, in the second and third year 150,000 ALL and 200,000 ALL per certified farm.

The total fund for the national agriculture scheme is 3.3 billion ALL. In 2022, support through the national agriculture scheme reached the value of 4.9 billion ALL. Initially, the approved fund was 3.7 billion ALL, with 1.2 billion ALL being added in the middle of the year for the implementation of the new measure for providing direct subsidies in the amount of 30 thousand ALL per hectare to those farmers who cultivated wheat in space over 1 ha.

Agricultural subsidy schemes started implementation in 2022, which replaced the removal of the 6% VAT compensation scheme for agro-industry, the imposition of 10% VAT on agricultural inputs from zero that were previously./ Birn

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