"Reprogram your mind"/ Ermal Mamaqi, programming expert

2022-11-27 10:38:00, Satire Politike CNA

"Reprogram your mind"/ Ermal Mamaqi, programming expert

"Professor", "doctor", omniscient, Ermal Mamaqi who is in competition with himself, has entered the market of selling the mind.

As a fortune teller with a diploma he has extended his activity with the program of minds.

After the courses with computers where he learned formatting and reprogramming, he has already moved towards minds.

Prof. Dr. Gj. Ermali will program the minds.

Genius Mamaqi makes his next "invention" by collecting money after organizing events in halls where there are no shortage of small "ermals".

"Ermal the merchant", the programming expert, will take the ideas from Tirana to send them to Pristina, where he will try to sell them on December 10 and 11.

"Reprogram your mind"/ Ermal Mamaqi, programming expert

From a comedian, to a singer and moderator, to a speaker where he claims to motivate people, he has left behind beauty, health, and some day when he announces that he will compete for the Nobel Prize.

"Cudirat Mamaqi", it is not known to what extent they will reach after this with the mind program./CNA.al

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