DP MP/ I spoke to Aliyev and he listened to me

2022-11-15 22:36:00, Satire Politike CNA
DP MP/ I spoke to Aliyev and he listened to me
Photo from the meeting with the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev

Deputy Sorina Koti listened attentively to the president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, who according to her consulted directly with the ministers accompanying him and decided that the gasification project should start from Korça.

In a formal reception where DP deputy Sorina Koti, did not speak at all, yes not at all, she told the president of Azerbaijan what to do and he did it immediately, amazed by Sorina .

Well politically ignorant that there can be no fault, but wants to do for fools and the residents of Korça and every Albanian who reads, that this decided the fate of millions of euros of investment in a 10-minute meeting, where this did not speak.

In fact, it is not clear which of the presidents he requested exactly, but that does not matter, the conclusion is that Sorina spoke, Alievi listened and gave the decision.

It's just that Sorina learned the news of the gasification after the post of the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, defining Korça. But that doesn't matter either.

A thank you to Sorina and her great work as a deputy. Bravo Sorina, although often bravo should be said to someone else.

Unbelievable but true. There are also such MPs./ CNA.al

DP MP/ I spoke to Aliyev and he listened to me

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