Where do we look for our evil?

2022-08-11 11:30:00, Opinione Mentor Kikia
Where do we look for our evil?
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Sometimes, I wonder why we haven't evolved here like all other societies.

What do you think the Ottoman Empire left us behind, destroyed our race, genetically modified us, made us half European and half Asian. It interrupted our civilization, destroyed our education and culture, took away our identity.

What do you think communism ruined us, it "shocked" us as a people, taking away our nerve and reaction and turning us into humble, servile and spies.

Theories are publicly opposed, as anti-national, anti-Albanian and racist. However, there must be an explanation...

Rrjetet sociale na kane mundesuar qe, nese duam te kuptojme mendesine e nje populli, nuk ka nevoje te organizojme pyetsore. Mjafton te kesh durimin e derrit dhe te shpenzosh kohe per te lexuar "opinione" te qytetareve. Dhe ajo qe une konstatoj eshte se sot, ne shqiptaret jemi te ndere ne tri kategori:

1-Ata qe jane te afektuar kaq shume me qeverine, sa te nxjerrin syte edhe per kritiken me te vogel.

2-Ata qe jane te afektuar me opoziten, dhe serish te nxjerrin syte nese thua nje fjale te mire per qeverine.

3-Ata qe su plas fare, as per qeverine as per opoziten, por i kane syte nga aeroporti, ose thjeshte presin....

There is another group, not indifferent, those who try to be realistic, but the crowd eats them, again, since you must definitely be positioned in a trench. These do not form a community, they are an endangered species, so I did not call them the fourth group.

Regardless of the reason, or reasons, today we are the most backward country in Europe, we have the most corrupt state in Europe, and we are under the rule of three politicians who have been on the scene for 32 years.

And those of us who are ready to tear each other apart, to keep one or the other, for another 32 years.

Who is to blame? Thieving politicians, or the people who elect them?

I can't give an answer to this, because I know that in the end they will attack me and leave me the fault, that I chose one or the other party as the culprit.

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