VIDEO-Fifi's surprise/ Fans go crazy at the concert

2022-07-25 10:37:00, Lifestyle CNA

VIDEO-Fifi's surprise/ Fans go crazy at the concert

The well-known Albanian singer, Fifi, is at the peak of her career. During this season, the singer has been engaged in many concerts, where she has always taken care to entertain the fans.

This time, Fifi in her last concert has ignited the atmosphere. Up on the stage, the singer made music with the drum. These images were published on "Tik Tok" in a few moments and became viral. Enthusiasm can be seen on her face as she tries to entertain the audience present. And apparently, the audience was quite satisfied with her performance, as they accompanied her with applause the whole time. 

We remind you that she recently had two very successful collaborations, one with Gent Fatal, "Pikturë" and the other with Tuna, entitled "Melaqe"./ CNA.al

@artistetsshqiptaree Fifi collects the tips of the drummer, tonight at Venom in Pristina ???? #fifi #venom #prishtina #viral #fyp # fyp ? original sound - Albanian artists

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