"I want a woman seriously"/ Ylli Limani "opens" her heart

2022-07-22 15:06:00, Lifestyle CNA
"I want a woman seriously"/ Ylli Limani "opens" her heart
Ylli Limani

The very beloved singer for Albanians Ylli Limani is enjoying his success which is already at its peak.

His songs quickly became hits and this makes him the most sought-after singer of the moment. There are many concerts that he is holding both in the Albanian territory and abroad.

But in addition to his career success, he has also expressed his desire for a serious relationship. He expressed this desire when he was invited to various shows where he declared that he will continue to be single. "All the good things, except for a serious woman and we got caught", wrote Ylli in a photo posted near the coast where he was shirtless and his tattoos were clearly visible./ CNA.al

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