'Enigmatic'/ Arta Bajrami's new project

2022-07-23 12:20:00, Lifestyle CNA
'Enigmatic'/ Arta Bajrami's new project
Arta Bajrami

Arta Bajrami is one of the most successful and beloved singers for the Albanian public.

The popular singer has been building a successful music career for years, while remaining active with various projects. And recently she launched her song titled 'Enigmatic'. This song is also accompanied by a video clip where the singer appears in better shape than ever.

Immediately after the release, the song became a sensation and within a week it reached the figure of two million hits on YouTube.

The producer of the project is Don Arbas, with text by Avni Qahili, while the clip was made by 'Bug Production'./ CNA.al







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