Soni Malaj "opens his heart" about the relationship with Flori Mumajesi/ It was not for fame

2023-05-27 20:51:00, Lifestyle CNA

Soni Malaj "opens his heart" about the relationship with Flori

Singer Soni Malaj has discovered the truth behind Flori Mumajesi's post where she once compared their love to that of the youngest couple of Albanian showbiz, Lujz Ejlli and Kiara Tito.

In an interview with the media, the singer said that the only thing that connects the two artists together is the love for music.

She confessed, among other things, that Flori Mumajesi probably wanted to make an analogy of their love with that of Luiz and Kiara to show that the latter is also true and sincere.

Soni : Flor and I are already friends and we have forgotten that. Even the public as a result.

Erjona Rusi:  Even the public? Not that the public has actually forgotten, because apart from that collaboration, you returned to another collaboration with Flori "Versioni im".

Soni:  Yes, definitely because... Florin and I were friends before, then a romance happened and after that we returned to our first love, which is music, as friends, always as friends. We moved on with our lives.

Erjona Rusi:  My version was Flori's proposal? He was a lyricist if I'm not mistaken?

Soni:  He was the person who conceived that song, even musically together with Bruno.

Erjona Rusi:  The public hasn't forgotten or maybe it has remembered and was a little surprised by the fact that Flori has posted photos of the current most famous couple of Albanian showbiz, which is Luizi and Kiara, and has also placed your photo kissing on stage …

Soni : Yes, it is an emotion in youth. It was something very honest because we weren't doing showbiz stuff back then. And he recalled, perhaps to make an analogy, that Luizi and Kiara also have a beautiful, maybe even sincere love like we had back then.

Erjona Rusi:  Did this post impress you?

Soni:  No, Flori and I don't talk about... I said that in our lives we have remained friends, we contact each other from time to time, we tell each other how you are. We can get some opinions on musical things.

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