"You are my strong son, life without you has no meaning"/ The singer reads his mother's touching message

2022-11-24 08:52:00, Lifestyle CNA
"You are my strong son, life without you has no meaning"/ The singer
Singer Ardit Çuni

Singer Ardit Çuni has read his mother's touching message. In tears and with his voice trembling, the singer confessed in "Goca dhe Gra" that recently his mother has had health problems and had an operation.

 "We have a relationship that we don't express to each other in words before, but we are always there for each other. This week, my mother had an operation and I was forced to be by her side during rehearsals and engagements," said the "Dancing With the Stars" contestant.

Më tej këngëtari lexoi mesazhin prekës të nënës së tij, e cila në letër tregon vështirëitë që kanë hasur si dhe krenarinë që ndjen për dajlin e saj.

 "Ardit, I have never spoken publicly about you, but tonight I will tell you some heartfelt words. I'm sorry I didn't come to follow you closely on the stage of "Dancing With the Stars", but you know I'm going through some health problems. I have been with you with my heart every step of the way. Since he was 10 years old and participated in the "Magic Voices" contest, I knew exactly where he would go. You grew up amidst many difficulties as we did not have the financial means to attend all the courses you wanted. I am proud that with your work you managed to become a real star. Many people judge you because you say things bluntly, but that's how you are, you say things straight because you can't stand injustice. You are my strong boy and my life without you would have no meaning. How many times have I secretly cried to you with tears of joy because I felt proud...", the letter read./CNA.al

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