"I will not go to Luana Vjollca's show"/ Robert Berisha puts a "condition" on the moderator

2022-11-22 18:20:00, Lifestyle CNA
"I will not go to Luana Vjollca's show"/ Robert Berisha puts a
Robert Berisha and Luana Vjollca

The singer Robert Berisha has stated that he has decided not to go to Luana Vjollca's show and for this he has a reason.

According to the singer, he has been to her show three times, while Luana herself does not go to shows.

Roberti says that the favor must be returned and if she doesn't go to one of the shows in Kosovo, anywhere, he won't go to Luana Vjollca's show.

"You asked why I'm not going to Luana Vjollca's new show. She is a very good moderator, a very good artist and her shows are very good. I can't go when I've been to her three times, she doesn't go to shows. I don't go and I took a break and I don't go because the good things have to be returned", I have been three times and the fourth was not held. Before Luana comes to Kosovo, anywhere but to me, let her go to other shows, but in Kosovo she has to come, then I go too," said Robert Berisha./ CNA.al  

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