China's plan could end the war/ Putin: Ukraine and the West are not ready for peace

2023-03-22 07:30:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

China's plan could end the war/ Putin: Ukraine and the West are not ready
China's peace plan for Ukraine can be used as a basis to end the war, Vladimir Putin has said.

But Putin has said that the plan can only be presented when the West and Ukraine are ready.

The Russian leader met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday in Moscow to discuss the conflict and relations between the two countries.

China's plan for peace between Russia and Ukraine lists 12 points and includes peace talks and respect for national sovereignty, without specific proposals for the two countries.

But Ukraine has insisted that Russia withdraw from its territory as a condition for any talks - and there is no sign that Russia is willing to do so.

On Monday, explosions in another part of Crimea destroyed Russian missiles being transported by rail.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday that calling for a ceasefire before Russia withdraws "would effectively support the ratification of the Russian occupation".

At a joint press conference after talks with Xi ended, Putin said: "Many provisions of the Chinese peace plan can be taken as a basis for resolving the conflict in Ukraine, whenever the West and Kiev are ready for it."

But Russia had not yet seen such "readiness" from the other side, he added./ Adapted from CNA.al



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