INSTAT reveals the figures/ Here is the city with the laziest population

2023-04-20 16:12:00, Ekonomi CNA
INSTAT reveals the figures/ Here is the city with the laziest population
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The Institute of Statistics has analyzed the period October-December 2022 regarding the engagement of the population, whether they are in employment or not.

According to this report, it is known that the pivotal city of the Albanian economy, Tirana, has resulted in the laziest population.

42% of the capital's population are neither employed nor looking for a job.

The "lazy" seem to be in mass and in the following two cities that are at the geographical edges of our country, Dibra and Vlora with a passive population of 40%, while the cities with the most active citizens in the labor market are Berati, Korça and Elbasan.

The passive population at the end of 2022 was about 860 thousand people according to INSTAT, including all people who are neither classified as employed nor unemployed.

Inactive people, or out of the labor force, are people who are not working, nor looking for or wanting work because they are continuing school, retired or disabled, may be fulfilling household duties, or are not looking for work because they believe that they cannot find it.

The rate of inactivity outside the labor force is calculated by dividing the inactive population by the population of the same age group. This indicator is about 38% in 2022./ CNA.al

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