"Depopulation, an agenda"/ Pastor Akil Pano points the "finger" at the government

2024-02-21 22:45:00, Aktualitet CNA
"Depopulation, an agenda"/ Pastor Akil Pano points the
Pastor Akil Pano

Pastor Akil Pano has spoken about the depopulation of the country saying that the damage is in the generations ahead of us.

The pastor emphasizes that patriotism is being killed and few couples living in foreign countries teach Albanian to their children.

According to the pastor, there is an agenda for depopulation and he points the finger at the government, which he calls the instrument that is implementing this agenda.

"There is no mass immigration, but depopulation. This should make someone or a caste, responsible. At the end of the day, everyone's rhetoric in the public arena is barren. Every year a city is being depopulated from our national body. The damage is in the generations ahead of us. There are over 1 million Albanians who have their hearts disconnected from the national heart. Patriotism is being killed here, the dream of being Albanian. There are many couples who no longer teach Albanian to their children. There are quite a few couples in France and the USA who do not teach Albanian to their children.

There are many families who have felt ostracized or expelled from their country. They were either persecuted, or faced with fines, or had no alternative. The damage caused to the Albanian trunk is catastrophic. If you see the towns, the villages are almost completely empty. The question is who controls the numbers? The statistics? That should make someone responsible for this massive influx.

If we then talk about the depopulation of the country, there is an agenda. I believe there is a plan to depopulate the country. In the long chain of cause and effect phenomena, the events happened in an unexpected or unorganized way. I don't want to get into a conspiracy. What was said 10 years ago about the depopulation of Albania is not a conspiracy. Government is simply an instrument that is fulfilling an agenda. You have a book by Vaso ?ubrillovi?, who predicted and decided every detail of how a country can be depopulated and populated with other populations.

A few days ago in Greece the law for marriage between homosexual couples was passed and it was published that the Greek Orthodox nation with great joy passed the law. The statements that have been made by the Synod of the Greek Church have been strong and have been censored in the media. In these 18 minutes, the gambling law was approved. Our great misfortune is that we have a class of politicians who know no greater cult than power. Today I am more convinced than ever before of this depopulation agenda. Until yesterday, I believed and opposed it," he said./ CNA

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