The murder of Santiago Malko, Ilir Selmani: 500,000 euros were paid to harm the Duka brothers

2024-02-21 12:55:00, Aktualitet CNA
The murder of Santiago Malko, Ilir Selmani: 500,000 euros were paid to harm the
Ilir Selmani and Santiago Malko

Ilir Selmani, who was sentenced to 28 years in prison as a participant in the murder of Santiago Malko, testified in the trial against Leonard Duke, Erlis Duke and others, accused of the same incident.

In front of the black squads, Selmani insisted on his innocence, claiming that he had been convicted on evidence manipulated by police officers.

He emphasized that 500,000 euros were paid to harm the Duka brothers.

"I have nothing to do with the murder. I learned it on television. I have close friends with the Duka brothers. I went for lunch on the day of the event at the bar they had rented. Lunch was casual for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. There were 8-9 people at the table, Blendi Teta, Fatmir Hyseni, Erlis Myftari brought Bledi and left. Erlis Duka asked me to accompany Blendi Teta by car to the hospitals. I heard something, but I don't know if it was gunshots or not. Then when I thought about the incident, I realized that they were krismas. Then I took the car and when I went to the bar, the police had surrounded Erlis and Leonard. 4 days after the event, he saw that there are 9 people wanted for the murder of Santiago Malko (addressed to the prosecutor): Every piece of evidence is manipulated by two police officers. You, the prosecutor, said from Blendi Teta's statements that I am involved, but you have no proof. You didn't do any investigation, you got tampered evidence from the police officers. Money was paid to obstruct the investigation. Wiretaps were obtained from the officers that they tampered with the evidence. I have material and I am waiting for the evidence, the written information and the phone records that prove that the investigations were manipulated", said Selmani.

The prosecution accuses Leonard Duka, Erlis Duka, Ilir Selman, Oltian Loga, Aleksandër Maxhak, Fatmir Hysen, Dritan Agës for the murder of Santiago Malko. 

The prosecution says that the motive for the murder is the clash between two criminal groups that were rivals for the illegal activity of gambling. On one side, the Duka brothers and their men, and on the other, former policeman Malko. /CNA 

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