Depopulation/ Dashamir Shehi lists the factors

2024-02-21 22:08:00, Aktualitet CNA
Depopulation/ Dashamir Shehi lists the factors
Head of LZHK, Dashamir Shehi

The head of LZHK, Dashamir Shehi, has listed the factors of depopulation in Albania.

According to him, some of the factors are safety, health, work, economy and society.

"Among the factors, is safety. Everyone will return to the safe wife. Security has declined in Albania. The second is education. The Albanian school is going lower and lower.

The Albanian family takes the children abroad to educate them. The health service, the first thing he says is not safe here and takes the children in his arms and runs away to Germany. Then comes social injustice.

In a country that does not value work. You are a good engineer and you have 20 years in that sector, the party brings you a 25-year-old director and of course you feel offended. Political influence in the administration, the lack of a career, of course also a career.

All these factors are multiplied by a coefficient which is the economy. If the economy is high, it gives a kind of positivity to all these factors.

The economy not only plays the main role, but it is also the element with which you can intervene the fastest. Even if you want to raise education, it takes a decade. Even health requires a decade.

These internal factors move more slowly than economic factors. Salary increase, pension increase, economic growth will be well thought out.

I support the salary increase. If the difference becomes smaller and smaller, then he will no longer move from Albania and the passion to leave will fall", he said./ CNA

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