VKM: The powers of the Prefect are increased, he will lead the Public Safety Council

2024-02-21 14:49:00, Aktualitet CNA

VKM: The powers of the Prefect are increased, he will lead the Public Safety

The Council of Ministers has approved several changes to the law on the Prefect that provide more powers to his role.

In a media conference, the Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla, said that Local Public Safety Councils are being created with the aim of increasing community safety.

He stated that these councils will be directed by prefects.

"I want to share with you that we are also creating Local Public Safety Councils, to better coordinate all law enforcement agencies related to public safety in each community during the implementation of the school safety package. We have entrusted the prefects with the leading role in this process and it has turned out to be an efficient role, but we have also identified some changes related to what I would say, the need to regulate and define more clearly the decisions of the Municipal Councils or acts other Local Government Units, which pass through the Prefect's legal filter to reduce this number in order to facilitate the local government process, but without ever forgetting the very important role that the Prefect has in this control. 

So in this respect these would be some of the main issues that we can share in this first process. We remind you that it is a change in the law. During the discussion in the Assembly, we will have the opportunity to discuss this legal initiative in more detail together with deputies and other representatives. I want to inform the public that we have taken as a reference the best experiences of the role of the Prefect, mainly the French, the Italian or the Romanian model, and I believe that after the approval of this law we will have a much more effective Prefect institution in the process of liaison between the government central, local government, and above all, the best organization of work at the local level of state agencies", the minister announced.

Balla denied rumors that with the new powers, the prefect can request the dismissal of the mayor.

"There has been false information about this approach. The government has the right to propose cases of dismissal and the law "On local government" clearly defines how this process takes place and that the final decision is given by the Constitutional Court. So there is no news related to this claim raised in the media and it is not written in the law, it is not true", he said.

Also, the Minister of the Interior emphasized that the new powers of the prefect leave no room for conflict with the mayor.

"There is no conflict between the powers of the Prefect and the Mayor. The prefect is the local representative of the Council of Ministers. What is most important to me today, as far as the role of the Prefect is concerned, is the direction of the Local Public Safety Council, which brings all agencies together to guarantee as much public safety as possible in every community. I told you from the implementation of the School Safety Package in the territory, we realized how important is the coordination of all law enforcement agencies in order to increase the quality of public safety. We have been and remain clear to the public that Albania, the champion of the Balkans not only in tourism, but also in every other field, including public safety, is no longer a dream, but a reality that we work to realize every day", underlined Balla./ CNA

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