In a country where adults swear by the child's head...!

2022-09-28 15:57:00, Sociale CNA
In a country where adults swear by the child's head...!
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In a country where raising a child is called a sacrifice and an effort and adults swear on the child's head, there will undoubtedly be irresponsible and, above all, violent adults.

In our way of education, physical and verbal violence is present. So education continues through fear and not through responsibility and respect of man for man.

In this way, education has the origin of violence and crime in the family and of men against women. A child who grows up with fear and guilt towards his mother or father or both cannot become a responsible adult and a free and uncomplicated person.

A free man does not insult and kill another man, much less a family man. Domestic crime and the killing of women by husbands and boyfriends is on the rise.

This frightening phenomenon is indicative of a vicious education that continues to be present and dominate our way of raising children. / Taken from the facebook of Dr. Lira Gjika

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