2023-12-10 11:40:00, Opinione Luçiano Boçi
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SPAK seems to be in action. So far we all agree.

The problem starts with the essence of the action related to the incinerators.

There are many questions about the action here.

The uproar with the arrest warrants for the Tirana incinerator is like a giant smoke which covers more than it reveals, obfuscates more than it clarifies.

I would even say that she doesn't say anything. It does not point a finger at the wound, in the affair of the century. It does not point the finger at those who organized it, applied it and used it for financial and political gain.

The 15 wanted for arrest are not that many.

We need to get into logical mathematics.

Four of them, Koka, Bllako, Mërtiri, Zoto, have long been accused of almost the same thing. There is nothing new here. So we can't put them in the noise.

Five other completely peripheral characters in the affair are lightly secured, meaning they don't have as much responsibility. These are also deducted.

Even here the young woman is missing because the defendants are from the suburbs.

The "new" (and this one is not) remains with the members of the commission of the Tirana incinerator who approved the bonus.

So this is an old "new".

Among those 6, not only are there names that have either been accused of the same crime, or have been convicted, but also young people have been arrested only because they were officials obeying political orders. They are not directly involved.

SPAK is just playing, without saying anything important.

This old SPAK tactic was used at the Elbasan incinerator where the only accused and convicted specifically for the incinerator were the members of the established commission that approved the procedure of negotiation without announcement.

The others who were convicted did not have any charges exclusive to the incinerators.

The same thing is happening with Fier and now with Tirana.

This scheme simply charges some people who acted under orders and are not the authors of the corrupt scheme.

They are only victims.

The "little ones" are sacrificed whenever the bosses are covered. This is known and often applied.

So 15 arrest warrants = 0 effectiveness against the mega-corruption investigation of the incinerators.

Meanwhile, it is widely known:

The real authors are housed in the Prime Minister.

Starting from Metani and Agaçi, they extend to several members of the cabinet, the head of which is Rama.

Without investigating the matter as an affair involving Elbasan, Fieri, and Tirana with their leaders and without treating the implicated as a structured group, this corruption will be covered up.

The way SPAK has chosen is deceitful and it hides and protects the authors of this affair.

Arrest warrants are like a deaf voice that has no sound because someone grabbed it by the throat.

He (SPAK) is not telling us or doing anything about the incinerators.../ CNA

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