The scandal with the famous football player demanded nude photos from the "OnlyFans" star: I want to see them now

2023-11-29 13:01:00, Lifestyle CNA

The scandal with the famous football player demanded nude photos from the
The famous footballer Neymar has been involved in a scandal after the model of the site for adults "Only Fans", Aline Farias, published the messages of the footballer in which she said he was asking for nude photos.

After the great uproar that was made on the network due to the statements of the model, Bruna Icardi and the footballer ended their relationship after the birth of the child.

The model insisted that Neymar had asked her for nude photos, but on the other hand, the footballer has denied these, saying that they are old messages.

 "Show the date... they are messages from years ago", declared the footballer.

After that, Bruna Icardi announced that he had ended his relationship with Neymar.

"This is a private matter, but since I am exposed every day to news, assumptions, I inform you that we are not in a relationship. We are Mavie's parents and that is why we are together," she said.

"I hope now to stop publishing the frequent news. Thank you," Neymar's ex-partner continued.

According to the model, Neymar insisted on seeing her nude photos and the latter directed him to her "OnlyFans" account.

 "Do you have nude images? Where? I want to see them", wrote Neymar.

"I have a few nudes", the model answered, while Neymar did not stop insisting on seeing her photos./ CNA


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