"I can't wait to be 61 years old"/ Nora Malaj reveals her new profession

2023-12-07 19:29:00, Lifestyle CNA
"I can't wait to be 61 years old"/ Nora Malaj reveals her new
Nora Malaj

The 59-year-old found Nora Malaj complete, full of blessings and lessons that she shared with her followers as well as with the "Rudina" program on TV Klan. It is now time for a new stage and crossing the threshold in another decade will find the pedagogue in another realization.

Nora Malaj:  I'm looking forward to turning 61, not 60, yes, but 61 because then I want to have made a promise to the job where I am, that I want to close the full cycle of a program we opened in teaching and that cycle catch me at 62 years and I want to be the man who built a beautiful program for what we all need and then I want to take all my time, to be a good mentor to my family, but above all to women, girls and men in Albania because I think we have such a great energy and we are such a good people that without our will we always show the problem when there is a moment when we have to do a completely different approach.

The new chapter of Nora Malaj's life after retiring from her job will be related to education again but in a different form.

Nora Malaj:  My new profession is a very good advisory mentor for all issues of social and motivational solutions.

Rudina Magjistari:  Motivator of girls and women.

Nora Malaj:  In fact, I want to deal with women and men because I will deal with girls and women only at this point, so that they can educate boys./tvklan.al

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