Luana refutes fraudsters and finers

2023-09-30 21:52:00, Lifestyle CNA

Luana refutes fraudsters and finers

Luana Vjollca has refuted the fraudsters and finers of the media after hints that a sensual video of her was circulating on the social network Whats App.

She has posted a photo on the Instagram social network where she shows her chest and compares it to that of the girl who appears in the video that is circulating.

In the girl in the video, it is clear that she has a tattoo on the part near the shoulder.

Next to her photo, Luana writes "no tattoo" in the place where the girl in the video has a tattoo, which is clearly not Luana.

The well-known moderator calls this a way to throw mud on her life.

"It is shameful to throw mud on the life of a girl who, for everything she has today, has decided to choose another path in this life to succeed, the path of work," she writes next to the photo.

Luana refutes fraudsters and finers

Luana has excelled in her occasional projects and the support she has from the public is tremendous. Recently, she is in the center of attention for the success she is reaping from "Love Island Albania".

This time too, Luana will have to fight fraudsters and tax collectors who try to smear her work.  

This abusive video which circulated for just a few more clicks was a big lie.

It was hinted that it came from the facts collected by SPAK but it turned out to be the truth, a big lie.

Më herët kjo video u përgënjeshtrua dhe nga gazetarët Artan Hoxha dhe Elton Qyno të cilët rënditën disa fakte që sipas tyre vërtetonte se nuk ishte një video.

Hoxha tha se nuk është i vërtetë lajmi se SPAK ka çkoduar telefonin me programin e kriptuar Sky ECC ku thuhej se bëhej fjalë për telefonin e Ervis Martinajt, pasi ky aplikacion nuk perdorte video./ CNA

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