These are the most unlucky signs of the horoscope

2023-09-24 18:13:00, Lifestyle CNA
These are the most unlucky signs of the horoscope
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So-called positive psychology, which motivates us to be optimistic and think positively, does not touch the following signs, which seem genetically programmed to feel unhappy. 

Some pursue happiness, some achieve it for a while, but then retreat back into darkness, which, to be honest, they even somewhat enjoy.


Of course, this sign could not be missing from the list. Let's say he seeks satisfaction through various activities, such as exercise, healthy eating and reading good books, but he has to try harder than other members of the zodiac. Taurus: He wants to be happy, but the problem is that he constantly sabotages himself and ends up scoring an own goal in his own heart. His self-destructive behavior is almost a curse because he himself does not understand what he keeps doing wrong. But when he finally attains happiness, he will shine like the summer sun at noon.

The crab

You can never enjoy the moment. He sets happiness as his goal, but he constantly feels that something is missing, so he cannot enjoy the present. Remember, Cancer, that happiness is a choice and you don't have to wait for the perfect circumstances to achieve it, because, quite simply, they won't come.


They seek happiness in the misery of others. At the same time, they don't allow those around them to understand how they themselves feel: But when you put up walls and don't let anyone cross them, then you are effectively cutting off your path to happiness.


Happiness, simply, is not foreseen in the way of thinking of Virgos. They are the unhappiest members of the zodiac and this is probably due to their critical attitude both towards themselves and towards others. But if you manage to turn the critic who lives in you into a life guide, you have a chance to feel happy.

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