He was "disappeared" from television/ Eno Popi returns, DWTS confesses to new projects

2022-09-30 20:15:00, Lifestyle CNA

He was "disappeared" from television/ Eno Popi returns, DWTS confesses

Eno Popi is the co-presenter of Bora Zeman, in the show "Dance With Me Albania". For a long time, in fact, he had "disappeared" from the screen and the last time we saw him was when he presented the surprise of Ilir Shaqiri in Big Brother.

Today he gave an interview where he showed that he is happy to return to work and that he took everything very willingly.

"This season I join "Dancing With the Stars". It is a pleasure to return to one of the best programs on international television. I will work with a team, I am satisfied that I know some of them very well. So next Friday... It's something I've been very willing and happy to do and here we are! Everything that will happen, the promo promises magic, the spirit of the race, the excitement enters. I'm glad he'll have a microphone in hand. I co-present with Bora, I will be in the "goldroom". I said yes because I like the way it was built and the role."

"With DWTS, I will start another project in parallel. It's very interesting, it's a program focused on entrepreneurship, young people's ideas. There are two things that I took with great desire, but I took them with great commitment," he said.

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