"Berisha's word has weight"/ Armina Mevlani's mother expresses her emotions: How I felt from the statement at the wedding

2022-09-29 22:21:00, Lifestyle CNA

"Berisha's word has weight"/ Armina Mevlani's mother

Armina Mevlani and Shkëlzen Berisha crowned their 10-year love in marriage 4 days ago. 

As is the custom, the wedding was opened by the father of the groom, Sali Berisha, who between emotions expressed that:

"With her talents, wisdom, politeness, communication, humanity, love, she managed to conquer not only Shkelzen's heart, but also our hearts, to enter our hearts like a second daughter!".

This statement moved everyone, but today the mother of Armina Mevlani said that these words that the former prime minister addressed to her daughter moved her a lot. 

"After this speech, I felt appreciated, because everyone has their own values ??in life, but the appreciation he had for my daughter showed that it was everything, because his word has weight, his mind has weight and I appreciate him without an end to this speech", she said to 'Rudina'.

Just a day ago, Armina also expressed that these words moved her and she did not expect them from Sali Berisha./ CNA.al

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