Elhaida Dani "hermetic" about her private life/ Is the singer in a relationship?

2022-09-29 14:41:00, Lifestyle CNA
Elhaida Dani "hermetic" about her private life/ Is the singer in a
Elhaida Dani

Elhaida Dani is one of the most beloved singers for the Albanian public. She has always fanatically guarded her private life.

Even recently, during an interview on the Goca e Gra show, he did not prefer to reveal any details about whether he is in a romantic relationship or not.

Studio chat:

Elhaida: I have a rather big project that I don't want to make public yet, but it's something very sacred for me, I've had a dream since I was little...

Dalina: Wedding?

Elhaida: No, no, it's not a wedding yet, not at the moment...

Fatma: At the wedding, you said three points because there are three points left, or is there not yet the first point?

Elhaida: I don't know if I want to say this, I'm very hermetic about this. I'm very superstitious, I want to keep it...

Fatma: Has it happened that something beautiful, good has been ruined by bad energy or the 'eye'?

Elhaida: I don't know if it was broken by bad energy or the eye, but I know that things that don't exist yet... more precisely, why share something of mine when I'm not 1000% convinced that something will happen. I just want to keep something private and save it until I'm sure I want to share it with anyone because in this case I'm also a public figure and I have to be careful. / CNA.al

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