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Sunday Story/ Greta and Mandi

2024-02-18 09:12:00, Kulturë Agim Xhafka
Sunday Story/ Greta and Mandi
Journalist Agim Xhafka

Greta's separation from Mandi was a bombshell. We both had friends, we often hung out with them and almost knew their bond was very strong. I worked with Greta, in the bank. Mandi had her own business. But on weekends together with Lola, my girlfriend, we used to gather sometimes at "Mondial" and sometimes at "Padam". We had a good time, with humor and unrestrained gas.

Until one day Mandi came only that Saturday. Distraught, sad, and we realized without speaking that Greta was no longer with him. We didn't ask her, we shook her shoulders from time to time and until Monday I was looking forward to getting an answer from Greta.

- This is how things came to be, - she closed my path for further questions.

In the bank, there are many employees in the open service hall. So it was quickly learned that Greta and Mandi have separated. That's how long the curious visits to her table began. Loaded with questions; how did it happen, why did it happen, who was to blame, don't he have a new girlfriend... But Greta like her. He did not open the vault of explanations.

Days and weeks passed. Her melancholy dripped in my heart. I felt like I was staring at the phone. Maybe he was waiting for a signal from Mandi, maybe the reason was not so dramatic that they did not reconnect. Not so many female colleagues came to the table, but some who did came to tell her news.

- At the "Ambassador" last night there was Mandi with a new chick, - one of them told her. - And I saw him at the Liceu kissing a blonde, - added the other.

Day after day, the announcements of those around her gave her a headache. He was politely told that the information about Mandi was no longer missing and he seemed to calm down.

I felt a sadness. I was a good friend, I wanted to see her smile. One Monday, at the door we hear Astrit, the bank guard:

-Greta, a bouquet of flowers has arrived for you.

As he walked over to the flowers, we saw that it was a large bunch of blue tulips. When he took Greta in his hand, an exciting composition was created with her laughter and sky blue eyes. He put them next to a large glass of water and took out the note. She read it, but I also added, "With love, Henry."

Henry, I uttered unwillingly and rejoiced. I wanted to ask more, but she put her finger to her lips. He forced me to be silent. From that day on, every Monday was accompanied by Greta's flowers. No one came to the table, they didn't talk about Mandi anymore. We lived with her joy. And she was more cheerful, but still read a slight sadness.

Coincidentally, a Monday was also my Lola's birthday. Before arriving at work, I returned to the flower shop and went among them to choose the most beautiful ones. To start my heart to its work. While I had almost fallen over the petals, colors and buds, I heard Greta's voice from behind speaking to the seller:

-Blerta, don't forget the tulips!

- No worries. With love Henry, write it?

-Yes Yes. I'm not changing my boyfriend, I'll keep him a little. Hahaha.

I was left with a rose in my hand. I accidentally plucked it from the vase. I was shocked, surprised. Greta orders the flowers for herself. But why?

As soon as I entered the hall, I went to her, sat on the adjacent chair and asked her:

-Why? I saw that you ordered the flowers yourself. Speak!

He looked into my eyes for a long time, then lowered his head, was rubbing his hands and began:

- Separation is a drama for everyone. It is experienced badly. With suffering and pain. It seems like the world has fallen on top of you. Life loses its colors, darkness invades your vision and thoughts. We broke up over vanity, stubbornness on both sides. But no one came forward to apologize. Apparently God had decided that we were not meant for each other. And while I decided to heal myself by licking my wounds every day, I was shot with bullets. We saw Mandi here, she was with him, she kissed, she looked, she was laughing... These devastated me, they made depression enter my cell. Then I began to think about saving my mind and heart, saving my reason and softening the hurt. And how did I get the idea of ??flowers? I like them a lot, even when I give them to myself, because I feel like I'm still playing with love and I don't feel alone. For a moment, but this moment feeds my optimism for a whole week. Tulips for women are the most elegant drug because inside they hold charm, delicacy and hope. This kind of treatment brought me to reality, opened my eyes and told me that life goes on, there are lots and lots of people who will love you and you will love them. That passion is a divine perfume, God throws it all over the globe and the aroma that awakens you was only in Mandi. It is also in the imaginary Henry, or e.g. to the real Clodian.

Silence engulfed us both. Greta had started her journey towards the young prince. A little slowly, but without stopping. Good luck, my smart and beautiful friend! And the more flowers...

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