Tafani opened the "bag" for the crimes/ Klodiana Lala: Why did the state stand up, who was "selling" the prosecutor to the Haxhi gang

2023-10-03 14:19:00, Kronika CNA

Tafani opened the "bag" for the crimes/ Klodiana Lala: Why did the

Journalist Klodiana Lala has spoken about the latest developments, after the threats received by two prosecutors, Doloreza Musabelliu and Merita Selimi.

Invited to Euronea Albania, the journalist said that the state stood up after Artan Tafani opened the bag for the crimes committed by Leart Haxhi's gang as well as for the plans he had to execute the two prosecutors.

According to the journalist, people close to the prosecutor Doloreza Musabelliu were spying on the criminal group on every step she took, whether in the family or outside the home.

Klodiana Lala stated that the criminal group had information on the prosecutor's residence.

She was stalked and photographed in markets where she was shopping, or where she took her children out for fun.

" What did the repentant Marjus Tafani say that brought the Albanian institutions up so much? He said that someone close to prosecutor Doloreza Musabelliu was giving information. The data were of the nature of what school she sent her children to, where she lived, where her husband, a lawyer, lived, which places she frequented, where she took her children to rest or cycle, which markets she frequented.

There were even photos where prosecutor Musabelliu was photographed shopping in the market.

You ask whether prosecutors can investigate when they are under pressure. Do you know when the revenge against organized crime in Italy started, when Falcone and Borselino were killed. I wish nothing would happen to the officials of justice, but the boiling point is now. It is the moment when the Special Prosecutor's Office is attacking the big fish of politics", said Lala./ CNA

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