"I have never been threatened"/ The lawyer rejects the statements of Artan Tafani: I have a cousin, he is addicted to drugs

2023-10-02 10:34:00, Kronika CNA
"I have never been threatened"/ The lawyer rejects the statements of
Adriatic Doga

The lawyer from Lushnja Adriatik Doga has called the assassination and the murder that was planned for him, by Artan Tafani, the associate of justice arrested by the "Never Forget" operation, a fiction. 

In a television interview, Doga stated that from the moment he heard this word from the director of the State Police, Muhamet Rrumbullaku, his life and that of his family is no longer peaceful.

He says that he never felt threatened by Artan Tafani, on the contrary, before the arrest of the associate of justice, they drank coffee together because they are also cousins.

Lawyer Doga says that from the moment his name became public as a target to be killed, he did not ask for protection, but at least he should have had a meeting with Tafani or he should have been called by the prosecutor of Elbasan to identify himself with the circumstances.

Doga emphasized that Tafani is a person addicted to narcotics and the circumstances of his statements before the prosecution should also be seen.

"I found out from the press conference of the director of the State Police, I was shocked. Fiction. People's phone calls, posts on portals, you feel worried, because the phone didn't stop ringing. They said that I have been assassinated 3 times, for me it does not exist. I haven't even felt threatened or had someone pick me up on the phone in 10 years. I never felt threatened. I have had no conflict, no relationship with Haxhiaj's group. I was Marius's lawyer, even my cousin. His uncle even told me to be his lawyer the day he was arrested, but when I heard this statement two days later, I was surprised. I have not had any contact from the police or the prosecutor's office. No interest. I do not seek protection for myself. If the state feels itself to protect, protect me. Whoever intends to kill me, come and kill me. I don't even know Laert Haxhiu by face, I greet his father respectfully on the street. I have a family relationship with Marius and I was his lawyer. When anyone has asked me for legal protection, against payment, I have taken it as protection", said the lawyer. 

The lawyer emphasizes that he has no personal acquaintance with Laert Haxhiu and has never had any conflicts either with his issues or with the rival group, that of Aldo Bares.



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