The murder in Durrës is prevented/ the dangerous 37-year-old man is arrested, convicted of a series of crimes

2023-10-01 11:24:00, Kronika CNA

The murder in Durrës is prevented/ the dangerous 37-year-old man is

The police in Durrës have prevented the commission of a murder and have handcuffed the 37-year-old citizen AM and the 29-year-old citizen KK, who accompanied him in his car.  

Durrës/Finalized the coded police operation "Tentative"

Thanks to police intelligence, the Police prevents the commission of a murder by a citizen with a marked criminal record and high risk.

Armed with a firearm with a silencer, with which he was going to kill a citizen, the Police caught and handcuffed the 37-year-old, previously convicted in the country and abroad, for weapons, drugs, threats and attempted murder.

The police handcuffed a 29-year-old man who was accompanying the 37-year-old in the vehicle.

A "Scorpion" firearm with a silencer and a quantity of ammunition were seized.

The specialists of the Serious Crimes Investigation Department of DVP Durrës, thanks to the police intelligence that a citizen with a significant criminal record was walking around armed and planned to commit a murder, immediately organized the work and in cooperation with the Special Operational Force and " The Eagles" have developed and finalized the coded police operation "Attempt".

As a result, in neighborhood no. 15, Durrës, Police services located the vehicle in which the armed citizen was driving and intervened by implementing all standard procedures for stopping a vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle did not obey the order of the Police officers to stop and tried to leave quickly, but could not as he was blocked by the Police services.

During the search in the "Benz" type vehicle driven by the citizen AM, with the passenger citizen KK, the Police found a "Scorpion" firearm with a silencer and combat ammunition.

Following the actions, by the specialists for the Investigation of Serious Crimes of the DVP Durrës, the following citizens were arrested in flagrante delicto:

AM, 37 years old, resident of Durrës, previously convicted of several criminal offenses, domestically and abroad;

KK, 29 years old, resident of Durrës.

From the information provided by the Police, it is suspected that the citizen AM had planned the murder of a citizen.

In cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office, in-depth investigative actions continue for the clarification and complete documentation of this case.

The procedural materials will be transferred to the Prosecution at the Court of First Instance of the Durrës General Jurisdiction, for further action, for the criminal offenses "Possessing and manufacturing weapons, explosive weapons and ammunition" and "Disobeying the order of employees" of the police".


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